✦ Keeping quiet when your parents are being unreasonable, rude, wrong and lowering your wings of mercy for them is #GOALS.

☆ Staying a virgin when you are 18,30,40,50 or till you die for the sake of Allah or untill Allah unites you with a Halal partner is GOALS.

✦ Seeking Ridaa of Allah over likes or shares of people on Social media is GOALS.

☆ Saying no to a cute guy that you really like for a Date is GOALS.

✦ Hating hijaab in Summer, Winter, Rainy and all through out the year but still donning it for the sake and pleasure of Allah is GOALS.

☆ Restraining from backbiting and restraining from haraam desires and Haraam visuals is GOALS.

✦ Helping your sister in law taking care of her kids instead of that extra hour of sleep is GOALS.

☆ Giving your mother a break and cooking on the weekends is GOALS.

✦ When you want to follow Kendrik Lamar but follow the sunnah instead is GOALS.

☆ Wanting to slap someone for their ignorance but instead slapping your ego is GOALS.

✦ Spending your time in Muhasaba every night instead of binge watching Ertugrul is GOALS.

☆ Shutting down social media and overcoming distractions to open your Mushaf and reciting Qur'an Daily is GOALS.

✦ Instead of attending a Jon Bellion concert attending the Qiyaam at Local Masjid is GOALS.

☆ Sharing your deen over sharing sharing selfies with strangers is GOALS.

✦ Helping an orphan study instead of buying that Fancy dress you wanted is GOALS.

☆ Getting attached to Dhikr of Allah and not the materialism of this Duniya is GOALS.

✦ Wanting dog as a pet but getting a cat 🐈 instead because of your love for Abu Huraira رَضِيَ اللَّهُ عَنْه is GOALS.
[lol just kidding you dog lovers, I like dogs, well not really]

Let's aim for #REALGOALS my people! <3

❝You will never leave something for the sake of Allah, but Allah will give you something better in return.❞
- Prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم
[Musnad Aḥmad 22565]


kredit: The Ideal Muslimah

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